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Whether starting with a blank canvas and a brilliant concept for a wine label, or from an existing winery simply seeking a new direction, KV Wines offers the full range of viticultural and winemaking services – from berry to bottle – to bring up new players in the wine industry or elevate established operations seeking to raise their glass.

Vineyard Development & Grape Sourcing

It takes years to know soils and grow grapes that reliably produce incredible wines, vintage after vintage. We’ve put those years in.

Tailored to a client’s needs, KV Wines offers expertise in all facets of vineyard development and fruit contracting, including:

  • Site evaluation & soil analysis
  • Vineyard planning & planting
  • Grape sourcing & grower relations
  • Harvest sampling & calling a pick

Winery Development & Winemaking

Wine is defined by vintage, made but once a year. From beginning a pick to finishing fermentation, KV Wines offers the essentials:
  • Winery planning & build-out, from the ground up
  • Facility contracting for all shapes and sizes, whether as a bonded winery, alternating proprietor, custom crush client, or “crush & flush” contract
  • Prescribed fermentation planning, monitoring, and treatment
  • Everything from single barrel-fermentation, to tank-processed mega-lots

Aging & Blending

Wine is made in weeks, but perfected over years. From the finish of fermentation to the final bottling, KV Wines shepherds perfection.

With homes in a dozen facilities and daily contact with dozens of wine professionals, KV Wines ensures every wine ages under a watchful eye.


  • Barrel planning & sourcing
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Regular topping & treatment
  • Bulk sourcing & blending
  • Bottling day logistics & assistance

Market Advice & Assistance

Decades of vintages and hundreds of 90+ scores have earned wines crafted by Kirk a place at most any table. We’ll help get you there.
A bottled wine is only half finished. The most important part is yet to come. Long experience in the market helps get our wines to the table.
  • Advice on brokerage & distribution
  • Referrals for expertise on licensing & compliance
  • Co-branding and promotion on social media

Wines and Estates

Our Clients

Grape Growing Partners

A row here, a block there… Kirk scouts premium grapes from hundreds of carefully selected sites. Vineyard sources may change, but close relationships with growers remains KV’s key to quality.


Firmly rooted in the soil of California’s finest estates, Beckstoffer Vineyards has layed an integral fole in the evolution of the wine grape inudstry since 1970.


From the Russian River Valley to Petaluma Gap, Sonoma Coast’s most prodigious grape grower curates 1,100 acres of premium quality wine grapes across 74 different sites, ranging from less than an acre to nearly 100.


“We don’t just farm grapes, we grow wine.”
Napa Valley’s multi-generational vineyard management operation has walked hand-in-hand with the Venge family for years: Salvador Renteria with Nils Venge, now Oscar with Kirk.


Great wines begin with great soil. Perched above the fog between Atlas Peak and Pritchard Hill, this “extreme terroir” yields some of the region’s finest red wines from the largest contiguous vineyard in the Napa Valley.


Fourth generation Napa natives who have witnessed the remarkable transformation of the Valley over the last 50 years, the Rippeys afford Kirk some of his biggest picks.  Incredible grapes from a family who knows how to farm them.


Using the most technologically advanced systems coupled with the farming experience that comes from close to 50 years of farming in the valley, Piña has established itself as a company with a singular goal: premium wine grape production.


The 1973 Château Montelena Chardonnay may have won the 1976 “Judgement of Paris,” but not without 40% of its grapes from the the Russian River Valley’s pioneering grape grower. Four generations, and incredible Pinot & Chardonnay.


The historic Priest Ranch and the Elder Valley produce grapes on a 1,600 acre estate that spans a stunning 1,600 feet in elevation – from 800 feet above sea level on its valley floor to 2,400 feet at the mountain top.


The gold standard in environmentally and financially sustainable farming. Experts in everything from vineyard development to nutirent managment, Vinedresser viticulturalists and farmers oversee dozens of Kirk’s sites.


Multi-generation Italian-American grape growers highly regarded for their dry-farmed vineyards, the Fredianis are Calistoga’s preservationists of of old vine Zinfandel and increasingly rare Charbono.


Precision winegrowing, using sustainable & organic practices combined with advanced technologies.  Viticultural excellence leads to wines of quality and prestige.

Other esteemed grape growers and viticultural partners include:




Garvey Brothers

Kick Ranch

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